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Making fake money that can be used any where is not an easy task. Have you been wondering how to make counterfeit money and get away with it?

It requires a lot discipline and experience in understanding how money is being made. Making Fake money equally require you to have the top quality equipment and requirements that will enhance the creation of high quality counterfeit.

With the evolution of technology, you can make fake money that looks real printable. You can equally make fake money with an ordinary paper if you go the require chemicals to make the paper looks like the paper used in printing money. One of the most important point when it comes to making fake money that looks real is by putting the water mark. You must know how to put water marks on money .After making your fake money, you should be able to use it to buy or exchange fake money for real money if you want.

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You can buy Fake notes from us . We produce more than 110 fake or counterfeit currencies available for sale on our website . We use the most advanced and secure technology and ship them to our clients . Our clients have testified how good our fake bills are . This is why we thought it wise to share with you how we do it.

At Bzone group we make and sell fake money . we have an excellent customer support ready to make your Fake note deals work out just well and safe. If you are looking to buy or make 100% undetectable counterfeit money then continue reading this post . But before we begin, let us see the Characteristics of the Quality counterfeits we produce. For the sake of this post we will outline three major features so that we can produce our fake bills in time. Welcome to one of the most hidden industry called ”The Fake money business”


In order to make fake money and sell it you must consider the innovative property of money. The money we used in our day to day life be it fake or real is produced based on this important characteristic. Banknotes today are continually being refined , This is why we modify our money production procedure for every currency to reflect the moment. We renovate and update the printing forms leading to large variety of bank notes and development of advanced technology. This is one of the reason we offer our clients with a variety of alternatives or options . For instance, it is conceivable to consolidate an assortment of printing forms, for example, counterbalance and intaglio, with the PEAK security highlight. We give the correct and secure features for every currency type we produce . We produce and sell

• fake DNR countefeit DINAR
• counterfeit GBP fake British Pound
• fake INR ,counterfeit Indian Rupee
• counterfeit AUD counterfeit Australian Dollar
• fake CHF counterfeit Swiss Franc
• fake MYR ,fake Malaysian Ringgit
• fake QAR , counterfeit Qatari Riyal
Euro,Riyal,USD,British pound,Rupee,Dinar ,CAD ,AUD among others.

Security features of money To Consider in Making Counterfeits

In making fake money that can be used one of the most important feature to consider is the security feature. The look and feel of a banknote is key for trust and recognition . For fake money to be in circulation this characteristic must be considered. Before a large banknote order is printed, we produce prototypes and sample banknotes.

Hey, you can recall some lessons in Economics and commerce which gave us the characteristics of money being ; durability, portability, divisibility ,uniformity ,limited supply and acceptability. In the fake money industry we try to make more money available. If money is limited how are people going to spend. Let us end here with money security as that is a lesson of it its own. We will see the last property to consider when making fake money and finally go to the procedure of making fake money.

Paper Type when Making Fake Bills that Can be Used

The paper type used in making each such as the Euro,Riyal,USD,British pound,Rupee,Dinar ,CAD ,AUD or any other currency is individual and does not differ from the original. Then, by using advanced 3-D printing technology, each of the security marks are engraved on the paper, making it indistinguishable. So we can stop the literature here and move to some real game in making a bill ready to be spent.

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The Procedure in Making Fake Money  that is 100% Undetectable

In Order to begin the procedure, we will need some basic requirements.

  1. Blank paper ( The paper type will depend on the cryptocurrency, regular papers will not work. For example, if you want to produce the US dollar, you must use a paper made up of mixture of cotton and Linen.
  2. Dye
  3. Water & Plates
  4. Computer
  5. Printer

Fake money today is common to see. Well you can use fake money for several reasons or instances depending on your need or purpose. Some people even say fake money is used for education and entertainment. We make fake money that looks real and is 100% undetectable by any machine. You are the one to decide what to use our fake money with. There are rules are regulations in every country , but one thing is common , not everyone can follow those rules and regulations as it favors some but not all.In Manufacturing fake money take into consideration three major Steps . This include ; Designing the currency , then dyeing the paper and printing the money. There are other security features to consider so as to make the money looks real. Let us manufacture a typical counterfeit bank note.

Step One in Making Fake Money : Designing the Fake Currency

make fake money and use it to buy

This is a very important step in making fake money. You should have one that is ”Real” so as to produce the fake one that looks real. There are counterfeits with better quality than the original counterfeit know as the super money ( e.g the super dollar is the counterfeit of the dollar that has a better quality than the dollar).

There are several ways to design your fake money depending on what you have. Using your computer, you can use

There are simple computer programs that can help you design your fake currency. You can use something like Adobe Photoshop to create unique money that could be printed on regular computer paper. However, there are advance procedures you can use to enhance maximum security.

There are options like downloading Play money worksheet available. i would not recommend that because we have never downloaded one. we design our money with the computer. We make sure we tap some info or designs from the Central banks . There are files that can provide handy design of money on your computer. Those with high resolution scanners can just scan the two sides of the currency to have the design on their PC. But This not the best as it might get some original parts look fake. The computer is the way to go as you give the final touch to you money the way you want. Ordinary scanners should not be used as the quality will drop upon printing. This is why we recommend designing your money using simple computer software or Our Fake money design tool which had been developed by the Bzone group IT professionals. If you cant make fake money buy it. Because when you take the wrong steps in making fake money you might end up being seen in the new headline. Let us move to the next step of making fake money .

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Step Two : The Paper For Fake Money

papers for making fake money that looks real
Fake Money Printed

Your fake bill is never complete if the paper use in printing is not of standard.The paper used in printing fake money commonly known as substrate is a special paper made up of 75% cotton and 25% Linen. The paper has segments of red and blue fibers which serve for identification and authenticity of the paper type. For polymer money you will need a paper with a security thread on.

in the case where you cant afford these papers, you can dye regular paper to look like the paper for fake money. We tried this method back in 2010 when while learning the fake money business. We are well equipped today with everything , making us the masters in making fake money. Sorry for talking about us here. Let me show you another option using a regular paper though we don’t recommend that. You will use this method if you cannot get the paper recommended in making fake money with.

Dyeing Paper to Make Fake Money ( Amateur Method)

Place the dye in a bowl.

Dip the paper first in water and remove it ( Make sure the paper is all wet). Then insert the wet paper into the bowl containing the dye.The color of the paper will change from white to light brown .

Remove the paper and insert gin in water so that any dye on it can be cleaned to give it a uniform mixture. Make sure your reaction time is fast to avoid the paper from being destroyed.

At this stage you need to dry your paper for making money. The fastest way to do is by using a micro wave. If you are putting the paper in a micro wave , make sure you have the paper in a plate or foil paper.

There are several ways you can use to make your paper dry. Just make sure the paper is dry before proceeding to printing.

Step 3: Printing Fake Money

Printing fake money depends on two major factors ; The ink and the printer used. Its a whole lot of process from engraving the master die to making the master printing plat and then printing.

In a typical setting where you want the best out for your fake bills, You will need quality ink for your printers. Usually the ink is made dry color pigments mixed with oils.

.The front of the bill is printed using black ink while green ink is used to print the back. The color seals and serial number are printed using regular. printing inks.

If you are using the manual method for production of small quantities of fake bills, then you will need to get cash straps or heavy, wide rubber bands. Finally use a permanent marker to write the name of a bank across the strap. Once this is done you are ready to spend your fake money that looks real.

Nothing ordinary will give you quality fake bills. Using poor quality printers or papers cannot make your notes 100% undetectable. This is what we do as experts in making fake money . There are three stages in printing bills like a pro. If you don’t know how this id done and you need some pro touch or quality fake bills, You can order the printers or order our 100% undetectable fake bills that will serve you for what ever purpose you want.

i. We print money using the printing process called intalgio printing . These is why our bank notes look real and are undetectable. By this method, you put sheets of papers into your intaglio printer. Typical money money making papers produce about 32 bills.As mention earlier use green ink to print the back before printing the front with black ink. It is recommended to wait for 1-2 days before printing the front.

ii. After intaglio printing ,used in printing front and back of money the next is Printing the Treasury Seal and Serial Numbers on your fake bills to make them look real. This is done with a letter press. This gives each bill a serial number just like the normal bill.

At this stage we have our fake bill handy. the next thing to do is to give our fake bills the touch and feel for it to be ready to be used any where . To do this, you can check out for printing errors and other defects. There are machine sensors that can equally handle this.

The last and final thing to do is to cut out the bills . The bills can be cut out with a guillotine knife. after that you can use or package for shipment as we do on bzone.

Thank you for your time. Bzone group is made up of experienced money making experts in the fake bill world as well as highly educated tech experts in making money. We are available for orders of fake money and fake documents that are 100% undetectable. for all your orders, check out

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We hope you enjoyed our article and we look forward for your feedback as well as doing some fake money deals with you. We make counterfeits that you can use , if you are having troubles in making use of tutorials to make fake cash.

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